Ms. Becca

Ms. Becca

Brand design, Logo Design, Copywriting, Web Design & Development


Luna had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Becca, a life coach and psychologist dedicated to providing mental health coaching to women of color facing traumatic pasts. Our team provided a range of services, including brand design, logo creation, copywriting, and web design & development.

To begin, we worked closely with Ms. Becca to develop a brand identity that accurately reflected her mission, values, and commitment to quality mental health services. Our team created a unique and recognizable logo that captured the essence of Ms. Becca’s brand and reflected her dedication to helping women of color overcome traumatic experiences.

In addition to brand design and logo creation, Luna provided copywriting services to craft compelling and engaging messaging that accurately represented Ms. Becca’s unique approach to mental health coaching. Our team also developed a beautiful and user-friendly website that provided a seamless user experience for clients seeking Ms. Becca’s services.

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